Take this country music pop-quiz and…!

My friend dared pose this question:  “What country music song best captures your state of mind right now — that is, what’s left of it?” Hmmmm… “Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure”?  Only half-true. “If My Nose Were Full Of Nickels, I'd Blow It All On … [Read more...]

I wonder if I will wander

Remember when Academy Award-winning Henry Fonda’s character, Norman Thayer, lamented in "On Golden Pond"? “I couldn't remember where the old town road was. I wandered away in the woods. There was nothing familiar. Not one damn tree. Scared me half to death.” While picking strawberries, … [Read more...]

Whatever happened to Hedda, Louella … and Rona?

A friend recently asked me to weigh in on the upcoming Fox series "Feud," about the fiery rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the set of the 1962 movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Weigh-in is a good word because the series’ subplot is the prizefight between two heavyweights … [Read more...]

‘I used to sleep with my husband …’

“...now I sleep in another room — with a baseball bat." A friend of mine was shocked to hear this revelation from her friend, sole caretaker of her Alzheimer's-afflicted husband of 50-plus years. Recently, he violently attacked her without provocation. This apparently happens in 10 to 12 … [Read more...]

Better read than dead

At our age, anything that promises to add more years to our lives catches our attention. A magazine article that caught my eye proved book readers live an average of almost two years longer than those who do not read books. Like most of you, I keep books on my shelves that I revisit as I do … [Read more...]

Something to sink our teeth into

I know of too many struggling seniors whose dental care plans have been reduced to: “I guess I’ll have to chew on the other side for a while.” We are shocked to hear 36 million Americans live without health insurance. But how many of us know that three times that number lack dental … [Read more...]

This topic could be hazardous to your health

Rubbing your feet with a dead mouse.  Brushing your teeth with your dog’s earwax.  Shampooing with pig bile.  Noshing on Sea Slug sushi. Just the thought of all this grossness is enough to keep us awake at night.  But, I kid you not, at some point all of them were considered 100% reliable … [Read more...]

Dehydration: I’ll drink to that!

These days my friends and I are more apt to get together at the emergency room than we are for lunch. Small talk and catching up have been replaced by playing "Can You Top This?" about our chronic aches and pains.  Our joints can now predict changes in the weather better than local TV weather … [Read more...]

A forgotten memory in no time?

My doctor asked me how I feel these days when I wake up in the morning. “Surprised” I told her.  And I wasn't kidding. But whilst the ol' bones creak and the slower I move, time goes faster! The good news is that I don't have Alzheimer's.  And I intend to keep it that way! How? Recent … [Read more...]

If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother…

By Rona Barrett This past Mother's Day, I was lashing myself for not getting out of bed, buying flowers and placing them on my mother's gravesite. But I didn't feel well, couldn't move. Funny how, when we're flat on our backs, thoughts and memories swarm inside our heads and sting our … [Read more...]