‘I used to sleep with my husband …’

“...now I sleep in another room — with a baseball bat." A friend of mine was shocked to hear this revelation from her friend, sole caretaker of her Alzheimer's-afflicted husband of 50-plus years. Recently, he violently attacked her without provocation. This apparently happens in 10 to 12 … [Read more...]

HOPE for 21st Century’s Great Depression

Most of us don't realize it but we 21st Centurions are in the midst of another great depression. I’m talking about the widespread and insidious depression suffered by the unpaid, untrained and under-equipped caregivers fighting the good fight against the unchecked Alzheimer’s … [Read more...]

A forgotten memory in no time?

My doctor asked me how I feel these days when I wake up in the morning. “Surprised” I told her.  And I wasn't kidding. But whilst the ol' bones creak and the slower I move, time goes faster! The good news is that I don't have Alzheimer's.  And I intend to keep it that way! How? Recent … [Read more...]

Dementia: The cocoon of confusion

By Rona Barrett Haunted eyes. Angry glare. Vacant look. Scared animal: It’s the Alzheimer’s stare. Ever seen these expressions on a loved one? I have. We know that those who suffer from advanced dementia are lost in a different realm—one we who care for them can't … [Read more...]

Have I told you lately that I love you?

By Rona Barrett “...I was unable, for the first time, to celebrate my 52 year anniversary with the love of my life.” A friend of a friend posted these tender laments on her year-end Facebook page in response to watching her husband slowly succumb to the scourge of dementia. “It is so … [Read more...]