“Fifteen years ago, Rona told me that she wanted to build a beautiful place for our seniors to live. Now, I couldn’t be more in awe of Rona, for building the Golden Inn and Village. It’s a gift to us all and such a loving memory to her father and my Pal, Harry.”


“Whoever said, ‘Hollywood has no heart’ didn’t know Rona Barrett! Rona always knew the ‘scoop or the skinny’ better than any other entertainment writer – but she also knew the hearts and tender spots in most to the entertainers personally. She never wrote to hurt or embarrass anybody, in fact, she wrote to encourage and promote the best that Hollywood was capable of. And now, her work lives on in the Golden Inn & Village, helping people who have indeed slipped through the cracks and have no one else to pick them up. It’s so typical of the Rona I’ve known and loved for my whole career.

And, after reading Rona’s latest book, ‘Gray Matters,’ it beautifully captures her impassioned senior advocacy – definitely a must read!”


“Rona Barrett brought humanity to the gossip column, showing how it could be positive, newsworthy and still be fun. Now, through the Rona Barrett Foundation, she’s bringing dignity to the lives of in-need elderly and to those enduring Alzheimer’s. Her relevant book, ‘Gray Matters,’ is very true to its title just as she has always been true to the artists on whom she reported.”


“Even though she reigned as Queen of the gossip columnists, Rona Barrett actually was a dedicated journalist who pioneered television news coverage of the entertainment world which was thoughtful, respecting and supported Hollywood’s artistic aspiration and accomplishment. Now she is bringing compassion to her leadership in providing dignified lifestyle to indigent elders through her Golden Inn and Village and through her address of Alzheimer’s care. That fascinating effort is in her book, ‘Gray Matters.’ She certainly hasn’t lost her writing touch and style.”


“I’m so impressed with Rona Barrett’s humor, wit and loving dedication to seniors with Alzheimer’s. Her Foundation is building the Golden Inn & Village and I couldn’t be more honored to take part in this special fundraising event with the legendary Count Basie Orchestra on July 8th. It will be tremendous for me to sing with this historic, swinging, Big Band. I am thrilled to take part in this Benefit Concert and know it will be a very special night!”


“Rona Barrett invented entertainment news coverage on television. And she did so with such charm and craft and dignity, such pure admiration for the skill and vital personality of the people whose doings she reported, that those who followed her by and large are compelled to try to match her impeccable journalism rather than descending to the tabloid tastes of our times. She remains a very classy lady who has dedicated her life to people in their later years, creating through the Rona Barrett Foundation the Golden Inn & Village in which they are accorded security and comfort, sustaining care and good company that has become a model for our country to emulate. Rona brings heart to everything she invents and perfects.”

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