Help Santa get a grip!

Everybody, sing! “Up on the housetop slip, crash, crawl, Poor ol’ Santa took a fall …” No doubt someone ran an extension cord to string lights and forgot to secure the cord. What a nightmare before Christmas for the tripped up little old driver who will no longer be so lively and … [Read more...]

Golden Inn and Village residents moving in this month

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Alzheimer’s Association Event; Montecito Miscellany

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The last thing I want to do

A question has been bugging me: Why is it that at this point in our lives, the first section we turn to in the newspaper is the obituaries? I'm dying to know. Seriously, my close-in-age friends testify to reading the obits as religiously as others check the box scores or stocks. My friends and … [Read more...]

Better read than dead

At our age, anything that promises to add more years to our lives catches our attention. A magazine article that caught my eye proved book readers live an average of almost two years longer than those who do not read books. Like most of you, I keep books on my shelves that I revisit as I do … [Read more...]

And the winner is … our senior loved ones

Past Oscar acceptance speeches keep rattling around in my head. Remember Will Ferrell, when the music awkwardly interrupted his fellow presenter Jack Black's speech and he said to Black, "See? You're boring!" I can certainly relate to Sandra Bullock's, "Did I really earn this, or did I just … [Read more...]

If we don’t take responsibility, who will?

The recent death of my beloved friend still has me reeling. Many people, myself included, aren’t fond of even thinking about death, let alone planning for it. We all know our lives are our responsibility. In our early years, making decisions was fairly easy. We went to school, got a job or a … [Read more...]

This orphaned senior was very dear to me

RONA BARRETT’S GRAY MATTERS She cared for my home and she cared for my parents. She loved me and I loved her for over 40 years. She refused to move with us when we came to the Valley because she didn’t want to leave her church. She suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Every few weeks … [Read more...]

The science of…whatta ya call those things again?

Senior moments. We joke about them: My memory is getting so bad, I'm the only one I know who can plan a surprise party for herself! We deny them: I was just momentarily distracted. We overreact: This is it! I'm done for! I must have Alzheimer's! Yes, senior moments can be … [Read more...]

Something to sink our teeth into

I know of too many struggling seniors whose dental care plans have been reduced to: “I guess I’ll have to chew on the other side for a while.” We are shocked to hear 36 million Americans live without health insurance. But how many of us know that three times that number lack dental … [Read more...]