Happy Easter and Passover!

Happy Easter and Passover to all our seniors, families, friends and neighbors. Have a wonderful Holiday and to the Kids who are on Spring Break - same to you. Remember "there is no escape" from getting older! So be kind to grandma and grandpa and your parents, too.    … [Read more...]

Barrett’s senior housing in Santa Ynez inspires state legislation

Rona Barrett’s effort to build the Golden Inn & Village housing project for low-income seniors in Santa Ynez inspired Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, to introduced a bill that would encourage the construction of similar affordable senior housing projects statewide. The Golden Inn … [Read more...]

Take this country music pop-quiz and…!

My friend dared pose this question:  “What country music song best captures your state of mind right now — that is, what’s left of it?” Hmmmm… “Her Teeth Were Stained, But Her Heart Was Pure”?  Only half-true. “If My Nose Were Full Of Nickels, I'd Blow It All On … [Read more...]

I wonder if I will wander

Remember when Academy Award-winning Henry Fonda’s character, Norman Thayer, lamented in "On Golden Pond"? “I couldn't remember where the old town road was. I wandered away in the woods. There was nothing familiar. Not one damn tree. Scared me half to death.” While picking strawberries, … [Read more...]

Noozhawk: Golden Inn & Village Fills With Residents As Rona Barrett’s Dream Comes True

$13 million next phase calls for building assisted-living facility for people with Alzheimer's disease, memory loss     Rona Barrett, famed Hollywood entertainment writer-turned-businesswoman, is the driving force behind Golden Inn & Village, a new low-income senior housing … [Read more...]

Whatever happened to Hedda, Louella … and Rona?

A friend recently asked me to weigh in on the upcoming Fox series "Feud," about the fiery rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford on the set of the 1962 movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" Weigh-in is a good word because the series’ subplot is the prizefight between two heavyweights … [Read more...]

‘I used to sleep with my husband …’

“...now I sleep in another room — with a baseball bat." A friend of mine was shocked to hear this revelation from her friend, sole caretaker of her Alzheimer's-afflicted husband of 50-plus years. Recently, he violently attacked her without provocation. This apparently happens in 10 to 12 … [Read more...]

Thanking the village that built the Village

"Rona, you're nothing but a public leaning post!" That was my mother after the gazillionth stranger began telling me his story while waiting at a crosswalk. Or maybe it was in a store, or on a subway, or in a movie line. Since I was nine years old, everywhere I went, people would tell me their … [Read more...]

Maybe it’s just wishful thinking

“To make the world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time.” This is the grand vision of the TWILIGHT WISH FOUNDATION: turning seniors' wishes, unfulfilled dreams, and experiences they've always yearned for into reality. “We have a lack in our country of showing those who have paved the … [Read more...]

It’s A Wonderful Strife!

A colleague of mine claimed that he’s talked me down off the ledge so many times in the past couple of years that I should stay there.  At least,” he joked, “We would know where to find you!” Hey, I had my ledge.  George Bailey had his bridge.  We all have our own toes-over-the edge … [Read more...]